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Q: What is the pay raise/COLA we will receive in January 2022?

A: Active federal employees do not receive COLAs but rather pay raises. The pay raise is put in the budget by the President and then Congress determines the final amount, if any. For 2022, the amount appears to be 2.7% with 2.2% towards base pay and 0.5% for locality pay. Those on a special pay rate only receive the base pay amount, not the locality pay amount.

Q: I turned in a dues deduction form (a while ago) and I am still not seeing dues being deducted. What is going on?

A: POPA collects the dues deduction forms and the OHR has to process them. We have noticed that forms are not being processed in a timely fashion. We have brought this up to OHR and they are looking into it. You are listed as a member in our membership list when you turn the form in to popamembership@popa.org. Please use that email address to submit forms, rather than submitting the form to an officer or representative.

Q: Will employees still get a 60 days' notice before return to the office is required?

A: USPTO management has committed to providing a 60 days' notice to employees before they are required to return to the office. See the USPTO Broadcast sent by CAO Fred Steckler on December 1, 2021. 

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