POPA Election 2020

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POPA will be holding their election for officers and delegates this October/November. The election will be by Post Office mail only. 



Nominating Petition

Petition Here

Additional Election Rules

1. Please read the notes on the election nominating petition itself.

2. Employees may use the USPTO email to send petitions to other employees to sign. Email addresses must be placed in the bcc line and employees may not use any email address list including those available in the Global Address Lists (per OHR and OGL)

3. It is permissible to send individual petitions to individual employees. Please note that actual signatures are still required. If multiple petitions are obtained, they should be sent in one email to a member of electon committee or Gerry Ewoldt, POPA Secretary. See the nominating petition itself for instructions. 

4. Completed petitions are to be sent by 5:00 pm on September 25, 2020, to POPAelection20@popa.org

5. Petitions can be sent as a scanned copy or digital photograph to the given email addresses. Scanned copies are preferred. Candidates should ensure that the names and signatures are legible on the scan or photo. When taking a photograph, make sure the text and signatures are in focus. It is the candidate's responsibility to hold on to the paper copies of their nominating petitions until they have been told by the election committee that their petitions are legible and accepted.

6. Ryan Barrett is the election committee chair with Suzanna Lo serving as member of the committee.


Campaign Materials

An employee must be a candidate whose nominating petition has been approved by the election committee before arranging to have campaign materials printed and/or mailed. 

Any candidate who wishes to have any campaign materials printed and mailed to members can contact Gibson Printing at petegibson@gibsonprint.com.

Gibson has the membership mailing list and will be able to print and then mail your materials to either the dues-paying membership or to an area, i.e., chemical, electrical, mechanical, and/or design/others. Gibson Printing will not release the membership mailing list to any candidate.

Candidates are responsible for contacting Gibson Printing to make their own arrangements.

Payment for any materials (including at least printing and mailing) is the responsibility of the candidate(s). POPA has informed Gibson Printing that POPA is not responsible for any campaign materials or the cost to produce or mail such materials. 

Candidates are not permitted to use any government equipment to produce campaign materials. 





Information mailers:

Union Member Rights and Responsibilities 

2020 Election Rules