POPA Information Technology Town Hall

The POPA IT Town Hall PowerPoint presentation provides an excellent information resource concerning PTO IT changes.

Current projects

PE2E (patents end to end) factors largely into how examiners do their job.  Employees should check with to see its progress.  For example, DAV (docket and application viewer) has been released.  The next tools employees should expect are a new office correspondence program and search tool.  These are slated for the end of calendar year 2016, but actual deployment date and feature set remain to be seen.

IT problems and issues

For IT problems to be identified and solved, they must be reported to the proper channels.

As far as CIO is concerned, if IT problems are not reported, they do not exist.  If the problems are not reported in sufficient quantity, then they are not prioritized.  If the problems are not documented, then it becomes next to impossible to argue that anything needs to be done.  (All links listed below are internal).

  • The primary contact for urgent issues is the helpdesk via phone at x29000 or 571.272.9000 or 877.786.3721
  • For non-urgent (1-2 days) issues, contact the helpdesk via email at servicedesk@USPTO.GOV
  • For specific tools, and less urgent issues, contact PASM http://usptoptc/sites/pafb/pas/default.aspx
  • For specific DAV issues, contact the specific DAV troubleshooting mailbox:

 Time and Attendance Abuse in the Electronic Age