Guidelines for Computer Outage Downtime

IT problems and issues

For IT problems to be identified and solved, they must be reported to the proper channels.

As far as CIO is concerned, if IT problems are not reported, they do not exist.  If the problems are not reported in sufficient quantity, then they are not prioritized.  If the problems are not documented, then it becomes next to impossible to argue that anything needs to be done.  (All links listed below are internal).

  • The primary contact for urgent issues is the helpdesk via phone at x29000 or 571.272.9000 or 877.786.3721
  • For non-urgent (1-2 days) issues, contact the helpdesk via email at servicedesk@USPTO.GOV
  • For specific tools, and less urgent issues, contact PASM http://usptoptc/sites/pafb/pas/default.aspx
  • For specific DAV issues, contact the specific DAV troubleshooting mailbox:


S9000 Form


In addition to calling or emailing the OCIO Service Desk, you can now report IT incidents, such as an interruption in service or a reduction in quality, using the new S9000 form. You can also use the form to request an update from the Service Desk on a previously reported incident or to submit a suggestion.

The form is located on the OCIO Service Desk Self Service Portal [internal link only]. You should use Internet Explorer to access it.

Once you submit the form, you will receive an immediate confirmation with a unique “S” tracking number. A second confirmation will follow via email when the form is sent to the Service Desk. Upon receiving the form, the Service Desk will provide their standard follow up.

Learn more about the S9000 form in the Quick Reference Guide [internal link only].


Time Zones and Automation Systems Maintenance Times

As a reminder to Patents employees please note the following information regarding local time zones and automation systems maintenance periods for Patents automated systems such as eDan, PE2E, EAST, etc.

The work schedules of all non-teleworkers and PTP examiners are in the time zone of their USPTO office. 

The work schedules of all PHP examiners are in the time zone of their approved alternate worksite.

All employees need to be aware that computer system maintenance times are all Eastern Time and as follows: 

  • Sunday 10:00 pm until Monday 5:30 am
  • Monday Midnight until Tuesday 5:30 am
  • Tuesday Midnight until Wednesday 5:30 am
  • Wednesday Midnight until Thursday 5:30 am
  • Thursday Midnight until Friday 5:30 am
  • Friday 10:00 pm until Saturday 9:00 am
  • Saturday 10:00 pm until Sunday 9:00 am


Computer system availability hours are NOT the same as work schedule, overtime, compensatory time and credit hour time bands.  Employees need to be aware that automated systems may not be available during computer maintenance time and they will need to adjust their work hours accordingly.

Also, the core hour each week for all Patent examiners/POPA bargaining unit employees is Thursday 1:00-2:00 pm Eastern Time. 


 Time and Attendance Abuse in the Electronic Age