Compensatory Time

Compensatory Time

Compensatory time is an alternative form of compensation to paid overtime.  Instead of being paid, you get time you can use like annual leave.  You must be authorized to work compensatory time.  Up to 400 hours per fiscal year can be earned, and compensatory time earned must be used within 26 pay periods of being earned, or it expires.  Only 80 hours of compensatory time may be carried forward from pay period to pay period except for maternity/paternity purposes (see maternity/paternity).  Compensatory time is earned outside of your regular 80 duty hours and on a limited basis, can be earned on the weekends. In addition to the compensatory time program, compensatory time is available for maternity/paternity purposes (see maternity/paternity) and religious reasons. There are limits on the number of hours one can be paid, usually capped on a biweekly basis, for working overtime and compensatory time based on one’s hourly salary.

1999 Agreement on Compensatory Time, Electronic Communications and Part Time. (see provisions 2-15)

Compensatory Time (see paragraph 3f for fiscal year maximum)

Maximum Overtime/Compensatory Time (hours/biweek)

Hours during which comp time can be worked.

Comp Time Tracker - (uspto intralink)