POPA will once again be representing employees in meritorious grievances. Employees are still permitted to file pro se grievances. 

Requests to potentially file a grievance must be sent to Grievances must be filed within 20 calendar days of when one knew or should have known the aggrieved incident occurred, so requests to file grievances should be sent as soon as possible. POPA may not be able to handle a request for grievance filed too close to the 20 calendar day deadline.


Errors called on an examiner:

For dues-paying members, POPA is available to review and provide feedback for responses to alleged errors before the examiner submits them to management. Requests for review must be submitted to Due to workload, resources and complexity of the alleged errors, sufficient time must be allowed for POPA to review the response prior to the response due date to management. 


To file a pro se grievance:

 Copy the below notification, including the reason/issue for the grievance, and paste it into an email.  Send it to your direct supervisor, with a cc to LRGrievance (Human Resources):


Dear Supervisor [last name],

Please accept this email as formal notice of my invocation of the negotiated grievance procedure regarding [the issue prompting the grievance].


The grievance has been directed to you in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement. In the event that you do not have the authority to resolve the matter, please promptly refer the grievance to the official who does have such authority and notify me.



[your name]


Additional Information

Article 11, Section 6 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (pages 27-34) details the grievance procedures and sets a 20 day deadline within which a grievance must be filed to be considered timely.   The 20 day timeframe is defined:

“Within 20 calendar days after receipt of an unfavorable administrative decision, or the date of the event or action prompting the grievance or the date the grievant becomes aware or should have become aware of such action.”



Employees should talk with Labor Relations regarding other time for the filing of a pro se grievance.