Work Schedule Flexibilities

IFP work hours continue to be temporarily expanded to 4:30 am to 11:59 pm, Monday through Friday (previously we had said Saturday, which was incorrect.) Office building hours are currently curtailed to less than the IFP work hours and permission is required to enter any USPTO building (currently only USPTO buildings in Alexandria, Denver, and Dallas are open to employees with permission.)

EADC Leave

EADC leave is pro-rated if you are on a part time schedule or take LWOP, annual leave, holidays and/or scheduled/planned sick leave. What is scheduled/planned sick leave? That covers sick leave you take, for example, for doctor appointments or planned surgery. Emergency/unscheduled/unplanned sick leave would cover, for example, waking up with a fever and calling in sick for that day, falling and breaking your ankle and needing surgery. 

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Portfolio Preparation

For examiners working on their portfolio preparation, POPA has received more tips and hints from examiners. We will be posting them in the POPA News Feed. 

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