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TEAPP Evaluation Survey

 The Telework Enhancement Act Pilot Program (TEAPP) Oversight Committee requests that all USPTO employees, both those who do and do not currently telework or participate in TEAPP, take a few minutes to complete the TEAPP Evaluation Survey.
The TEAPP allows employees to work anywhere in the contiguous U.S. (greater than 50 miles from the USPTO campus, located in Alexandria, VA) without a routine reporting requirement back to campus. While enrolled in TEAPP, employees will change their duty station to an alternate worksite in the city in which they live.

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IT Problems and Issues

IT problems and issues

For IT problems to be identified and solved, they must be reported to the proper channels.

As far as CIO is concerned, if IT problems are not reported, they do not exist.  If the problems are not reported in sufficient quantity, then they are not prioritized.  If the problems are not documented, then it becomes next to impossible to argue that anything needs to be done.  (All links listed below are internal).

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