From Andy Faile: 3/24/20

Q1: Can I come into the office on Monday (3/23) and retrieve my laptop, work papers, or personal items? If I cannot come in on Monday, is there another day next week I can come in?

A1: Yes, you may come into the office and retrieve your laptop on Monday. The guards will let you in for a limited time to do this. You should retrieve your laptop, work papers, or personal items and then exit the building as soon as practicable. Please make every reasonable effort to access the building on Monday. For building access after Monday to retrieve your items, contact your supervisor for further instructions. 

Q2: I left my laptop in the office but I am sick or under quarentine. What should I do?

A2: Please contact your supervisor. Your supervisor will make arrangements to get your laptop to you. 

Q3: I recently signed the situational ad hoc telework agreement but don't have internet access yet. What do I do?

A3: You should attempt to procure internet service. If internet service is not available, please see your supervisor for further instructions. 

Q4: I took the mandatory situational ad hoc telework training, but did not sign the telework agreement. Should I sign it now?

A4: Yes, you should sign it now, but under the guidance in the DOC Broadcast message of March 21, 2020 you are required to telework, and are subject to the situational ad hoc agreement whether you have signed it or not.

Q5: The DOC broadcast of March 21, 2020 states that all-telework eligible Department employees are required to telework until further notice. If I did not sign the situatuational telework agreement and still don't want to sign it, do I have to telework?

A5: Per the DOC Broadcast message of MArch 21, 2020, all telework-eligible USPTO employees are required to telework. You are considered telework-eligible whether of not you have signed the situational telework agreement. The only employees not on telework are employees that are "mission critical" and necessary to work in the office. If you are not teleworking, you may use annual leave, accrued compensatory time, or accrued credit hours in accordance with current practice. Please see your supervisor for further questions. 

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