Emergency Paid Leave (EPL)

Emergency Paid Leave was discussed in the broadcast email sent by Fred Steckler, CAO, to employees on June 2, 2021. Please refer to this email for more information.


Some things you should be aware of when using Emergency Paid Leave (EPL):

  • It is available until September 30, 2021, unless funds are exhausted. Be aware you may need to subsitute other leave or provide reimbursement of funds if you were paid but have no leave to substitute;
  • More information and documentation will need to be provided than was required for EADC;
  • Every hour of EPL used, delays your retirement date by the same amount of time; and
  • There is a limitation on the amount you can take per pay period - full time employee (the hours equivalent to $2800/biweek) or part-time employee (can take a pro-rated share of $2800/biweek based on the % of the full time schedule).