The Special Achievement Award (SAA award) is earned by patent examiners for 110% of expected production and at least satisfactory level performance in the other elements over four consecutive quarters.  For others in the bargaining unit, the award is earned for performance at the outstanding level in at least 50% of all critical elements with the rest being at least satisfactory according to the employee’s Performance Appraisal Plan (PAP) over four consecutive quarters.  The base amount of the award shall be 3% of the employee’s base per annum salary as of the end of the award period provided the employee has spent at least 1400 hours performing the job function. The award will be prorated for at least 700 hours but less than 1400 hours.

Special Achievement Award



The Gainsharing Award allows a patent examiner to earn 2% – 7% of the employee’s salary based on the employee’s end of fiscal year performance. It has recently been updated to expand the award levels. For other bargaining unit members, the amount of the award is dependent upon the total numerical score (maximum 500) of the employee’s performance elements for the fiscal year.  NOTE: The hours worked in an employee’s first year are not counted towards the time requirement in order to qualify for the Gainsharing Award.

Gainsharing Award

2009 update (see # 4)



The Pendency Award allows an examiner to earn 0.25%-0.75% per quarter for docket management performance as well as a supplemental payment of 0.5%-1.0% payable at the end of the second quarter of the fiscal year.

Pendency (Docket Management) Award (see section II)

Docket Management Manual V7 (internet link)

Yearly Update to Pendency Award, Completed 4/21/2016

Docket Management CSI PAP MOU A

Docket Management CSI PAP memo A