Bar Examination

Bar Examination

For one time, employees may take administrative leave to take the bar exam.  The attachment below is an old document dated 1974 (difficult to read from repeated photocopying), which we refer to as the “Deitch” memo, signed by Aaron Deitch, personnel officer.  

The pertinent sections have been retyped below:


Section 4.D.:


1. For one time only, Patent and Trademark professionals may be granted up to three days of excused absence to take the bar examination.  Request for excused absence must be submitted to the Personnel Officer for approval.

3. Additionally, up to two days (16 hours) of excused absence may also be authorized for any required interviews before Admissions Committees of the bar involved and the like, and the time so spent may include travel time as in the above cases.

However, in all the above cases, travel time, wherever reasonablly possible, should be performed outside normal working hours.  For instance, those being admitted to the bar in Maryland and Virginia would be expected to appear either early in the morning or in the evening before the day on which they are admitted where reasonable travel time permits.  Similarly, those being admitted to the bar in other states would be expected to travel outsdie normal working hours whenever possible.

Excused absence may be authorized only for necessary travel time and for the days during which the examination is administered.  Excused absence will not be authorized for time taken for personal purposes on the way to or returning from taking the bar examation.  Annual leave or leave without pay must be used for such purposes.

No excused absence is authorized for studying for the examination or for taking preparatory courses.  Nor is any excused absence permitted for admission to a bar when the employee is already a member of another bar, nor, for admission to any other courts such as the Court of Claims.