2024 President Election

The POPA 2024 Presidential election results are:

759 Votes Total

Kathleen Duda - 447 votes - 58.9%

Razu Miah – 231 votes - 30.4%

Tyler Sullivan – 81 votes - 10.7%

(5 void ballots)


Any member in good standing may protest the supervised election for valid cause.
Protests are to be made directly to the OLMS election supervisor in writing as soon as
possible, but no later than ten days following the completion of the ballot tally.
Election protests may be emailed to the OLMS election supervisor at

This protest procedure is in lieu of the union’s normal protest procedure.


The nomination notice is available below.  Please submit all nominations to POPAElection2023@DOL.gov

Nomination Notice for 2024 Presidential Re-Run


Election Notice

 The notice for the election (ballot due date included) can be read here