POPA Election 2023


Interim election results of the Design & Other Run-off election

Mary Anne Calabrese - 53%
Holly Lance - 47%
(Not yet certified) 



Updated 12/20/23, with percentages

Certified Election Results & Percentages 


Kathleen Duda - 66.6%

Razu Miah - 32.6%


Vice President 

Patricia Duffy - 83.2%



Gabriel Chu - 82.6%



Gerry Ewoldt - 79.7%


Assistant Secretary

Kim Lockett - 57.6%

Pedro C. Fernandez - 15.6%

Lance Barry - 15.6%


Please note that delegate positions are not determined from 100% of the vote. All names listed below are certified delegates. 


Chemical Delegates

Geraldina Visconti - 64.6%

Chris Chin - 76.9%

Peter Anthopolos - 66.6%

Ileana Popa - 73.5%

Christine Saoud - 76.9%

Adrienne Johnstone - 68.7%

Joseph Woitach - 76.9%

Michael Pak - qualified write-in


Electrical Delegates

Irakli Kiknadze - 58.9%

Julie Anne Watko - 65.2%

Razu Miah - 64.7%

James Tsai - 63.3%

Pedro C. Fernandez - 65.2%

Alison Slater - 58.9%

Kim Kakalec - 61.3%

James R. Greece - 61.3%

Lance Barry - 65.7%

Tyler Sullivan - 60.4%


Mechanical Delegates

Umanshankar Venkatesan - 60.7%

Steve Gravini - 65.8%

Deepak Deean - 64.1%

Jeffrey Shapiro - 70%

Vihn Luong - 69.2%

Richard Goldman - 63.2%

John Holly - 68.4%


Design and Other Delegates

Melanie Tung - 68.3%

George Kirschbaum - 63.4%

Tied: Mary Ann Calabrese and Holly Lance

(Ballots for the D&O run-off are due back by 9am on January 11th.)



10/27/2023 - Counting of the Ballots

The POPA tabulation of ballots will take place on Friday November 3, 2023 at the offices of Richard Hirn located at:

5335 Wisconsin Avenue, NW Suite 640, Washington DC  20015.

Each candidate can be present along with one observer who must be a member in good standing of POPA.

If any candidate (or their observer)  wishes to follow the Global Election Services car to the post office to retrieve the mail, you must arrive at the above location at 9:30 AM.  You must provide your own transportation to and from the post office.  You will receive the address of the post office when you are registered at Suite 640.

If any candidate (or their observer)  wishes to be present only for the tabulation, they should arrive by 10:00 AM.  Please understand that the post office will be notified that the pick-up will take place at approximately 10:00 AM, there might be a delay on their part.  If any member has a challenged against any “member” who received a ballot, we will need to receive the name prior to the start of the voter registration process.  

The ballots will be received in sealed mail bags or trays.  Global Election Services will ask several times if all the mail has been given to the GES representative  prior to departure.  Post Office receipts should be in the sealed containers but could include other mail not part of the POPA Election.  The actual number of POPA ballots will be announced after all ballot envelopes are registered.

The bags will not be opened until all members in attendance at the post office have arrived back to Suite 640.

At that time, all members present will receive  verbal information pertaining to the tabulation process.  Please note that there cannot be any photographs, video or audio recordings in the post office or the tabulation room.




Email Clarification - Using PTO Emails for Campaigning

POPA has consulted with the agency, and have received updated guidance. The agency has now stated that candidates may email any POPA bargaining unit employee about the election, but may not spam the entire workforce.



The nominating petition (hyperlinked here) is now available for those wanting to run for POPA office whether officer or representative.


Please send completed petitions and questions to popaelection23@popa.org



  1. Here is a clarification on the signature requirements of the nominating petition available on the POPA.org website: e-signatures comprised of solely “/name/” are not permitted; but digital signatures, such as that available in Adobe, are acceptable. Petitions are due by September 15, 2023, 5:00 pm ET
  2. Candidates who wish to inspect the union’s membership list in advance of the election may schedule an appointment to do so by contacting Brianna Wenger, POPA Administrative Assistant, at bwenger@popa.org or 571-268-6896. You will need to view the membership list in the union’s offices, and you will not be permitted to copy the list.



The Labor-Management Reporting Disclosure Act requires that all candidates be treated equally with respect to the opportunity to campaign...

Campaign Rules 2023


9/7/23 - Election Flyer

For any dues-paying member who did not receive the election flyer mailed out in late August (or it arrived damaged), you may read over the election rules and procedures here: 

Election Notice & Union Member Rights and Responsibilities

Election Rules