Constant Credit Initiatve

Constant Credit Initiative

The Agency began a program in 2015 called the "contant credit initiative."  Here is POPA's understanding of the new policy:

  • Every pay period, Management will be looking at the examiner's work product, production and examining hours.  If there are large discrepancies, the SPE will meet with the examiner to see if there are issues, and if the SPE can help.
  • If this happens for many pay periods, then the examiner will have a meeting with their TC Director.
  • The meetings are intended to serve as early intervention.  If examiners are having some serious personal or professional issues (rather than experiencing a blip in workflow/production), then the agency will try to give them help, e.g. direct help on the work, or information regarding medical options.  The agency has some statistics that show that early intervention helped avoid later trouble (e.g. written warning performance improvement periods, and proposed removals).
  • In addition, the agency is not in favor of "end-loading," so this is also an effort to speak to employees to encourage them to avoid such a situation.

Since these meetings are not intended to result in disciplinary action, you do not have a right to have a POPA representative present.  Your line management will be talking to you to see if there are any issues they can help you with.