Tired of losing your VPN or Lync connection?  It’s time to connect your SOHO Router and Phone!


Enjoy the immediate benefits of:

  • Improved network reliability and performance; it's extremely rare to lose network connection or phone using this solution
  • Phone still works when Lync is down
  • No ERA VPN login required, you are basically plugged into the USPTO network as if you were on campus
  • Reduced steps for login, only need to login to your workstation with your PIV card
  • SOHO router connection provides a secure USPTO network connection essentially extending the campus computing/phone experience to your home, workstation is always connected to the USPTO Network


Don’t delay, connect your SOHO router and Phone today!

User instructions are provided in SOHO router box and can be found at SOHO Router User Instructions

If you have any questions when setting up your router please call the OCIO Service Desk at (571) 272-9000.

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