CBA Negotiations

POPA submitted our CBA proposals to management and we will start discussions the week of May 1, 2023.  POPA’s proposals can be found in the “CBA Negotiations” section of our website (access from the top bar on the website).    POPA will provide updates as we go through the process.  CBA comments can be sent to POPA at


Microsoft Teams for phone calls

The Microsoft Teams migration for phone calls continues.  Employees will receive equipment prior to their transition but using Microsoft Teams to make phone calls will not be enabled until you are transitioned.



The process of employee moves from Remsen and Randolph into the remaining USPTO buildings has started.  The majority of employees being moved are Patents employees but there are other groups within POPA who are also being moved.  At this point, most Patents employees* should have received an email with a request for a ranking of available offices as well as a survey to indicate if you are moving (i.e., not retiring, leaving the office or going on full time telework) and the furniture that needs to be moved.  Please make sure if you are moving that you complete these and return them by the deadline.

*If you are a GS-12 or below in Patents then you will not be getting an email to select your office. Instead you will be receiving an email from with further instructions on your move to an assigned interior office. Only those at GS-13 and above when the data pull was made in February 2023 received the email to choose an exterior office.



The timing pilot has been completed.  The data will be examined before the next steps are determined.  POPA is still working on a routing pilot.  On attribute time, attribute time is available for sequence issues when cases are returned to OPAP.  Additional attribute time, if needed, for pro se applications needs to be requested from your SPE.

SCE PAPs for permanent SCE positions are being worked on with current SCEs providing feedback to POPA.


Oral Warnings

POPA continues to discuss the return of oral warnings with management.  POPA would prefer to return to the reinstatement of oral warnings before the last administration’s Executive Order, which removed oral warnings.  POPA would like employees, especially those undergoing hardships such as personal issues and medical issues, to have an opportunity to show improvement and take advantage of workplace flexibilities and programs such as part-time and FMLA before being placed on a written warning PIP and associated maintain periods. 


Docket Management Award

Discussions continue on the docket management award. For the prorated supplemental bonus running for quarters 3-4, POPA has been informed that employees performing at Tier 1 for one quarter and Tier 2 for another quarter will receive the prorated Tier 1 supplement.


Meetings with Kathi and Vaishali

POPA continues to meet with Kathi and Vaishali to provide employee input. 

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