The National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020 has ammended the options of Parental Leave, as outlined by United States Code Title 5, Section 6382. 

These ammended options still fall under the stipulations of Family Medical Leave Act, which affords 12 weeks of paid leave to those who have worked at least twelve months in federal service. Employees are not receiving an additional 12 weeks. 

  • Employees may use time from this allotted 12 weeks intermittently within a twelve-month period, as agreed and arranged with the agency
  • Employees may add time from PTO or sick leave onto their parental leave, as agreed and arranged with the agency
  • Before starting parental leave, employees must now sign an agreement that, once their parental leave concludes, they will return to work at the agency for twelve weeks 
    • The agency may waive this requirement if the employee experiences a serious health condition in relation to the birth or placement of a child
  • Unused parental leave, at the end of the twelve-month period, does not accumulate for use in the following period 
  • These ammendments do not apply to parents with a child born or adopted before October 1, 2020

NDAA 2020 (see pages 1107-1109, Title LXXVI, Section 7602)

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