!0:00 AM Sent by the ENS - PTO is experiencing a widespread technical issue.  Contacting OCIO Support Desk will not resolve this situation.  More information on this situation will be posted to the system 411 page shortly and provided in a forthcoming update (https://www.uspto.gov/blog/system411/

POPA is aware of system issues preventing employees from logging on to PTONet since 5:30AM on June 1. We are told CIO is working on the issue.
At this time, 7:30Am EDT, the Help Desk phone line 571.272.9000 gives a busy signal.
At this time, 8:30, a potential workaround which provides extremely limited functionality:

  • Shutdown UL
  • Disconnect network cable
  • Insert CSmart card in laptop
  • Turn on UL
  • Enter PIN
  • Reconenct Network cable.

This provides limited functionality.

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