Dear POPA bargaining unit member,

After many years at the USPTO, I will be retiring next week.  It has been an honor representing you as a POPA Officer and for the last few years as POPA President.  I appreciate the support and feedback POPA has received from you over this time, both positive and negative.  I have enjoyed meeting many of you as I assist you with your concerns.

Fortunately, when I retire, Kathleen Duda will step up as president of POPA.  Kathy’s experience with POPA goes back over 20 years and includes a number of years as a POPA Officer, first as the Secretary and now as Vice President.  She is our Director of EEO and our most experienced delegate and officer on all work life issues including maternity/paternity, part-time, reasonable accommodation and leave.  She is also an experienced negotiator and was a critical member of teams on many important issues including part-time, telework, regional offices and Docket Management.  Over ten years ago, she was on our last team for a collective bargaining agreement (CBA).  Her experience will be critical as management is planning to begin the process of negotiating a new CBA this year.  

As I have, Kathy will look forward to receiving your thoughts on the changes to ETA, routing and PAP scheduled for next fiscal year and will use your valuable feedback on this and other topics in fashioning POPA’s discussions with management.   

Thank you again for your support for POPA over this time.   

Pam Schwartz

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