Internet Service Reimbursement (ISR):

If you are on a full-time telework program (includes hoteling, 50 mile, and TEAP options), then you are eligible for ISR.

Deadline for submission of monthly invoices for reimbursement:

  1. Internet billing periods May 2022 or earlier need to be submitted by July 31, 2022 in the OLD reimbursement system.
  2. Internet billing periods June 2022 or later need to be submitted in the NEW reimbursement system starting in September (need to submit at least 3 monthly invoices).

There is currently a backlog of submissions which need to be processed.


Cleaning out offices: 

Bins for trash, recycling, computer peripherals and shredding should be available on each floor. If you are missing bins or they are full, you can contact Facilities Help Desk (2-2000)


Collective Bargaining Agreement:

POPA expects to receive management proposals for our CBA in the fall.

This CBA will be covering all POPA employees, not just examiners and not just Patents employees.



We have seen issues with large groups of applications (such as AI applications) not going to the proper examiners. Managament insists on examiners having to submit C* challenges to have these applications sent to the correct examiner. Your SPE should provide assistence needed for the correct classification and C* challenges. 

POPA has asked for TRP town halls for examiners.

We are currently working on a timing pilot and will start discussing a routing study next.

POPA continues to work with management on individual issues that are sent to us by examiners.

Please continue to send ongoing issues by email to TRP mailbox and popahelp@popa.og.



Hopefully, everyone should be settled into their chosen telework program by now. If you have any questions about the agreements or your personal situation, please contact


PIV cards: 

POPA is working with management on a process for having employees come in to get new badges as needed. There is a back log from the pandemic.



Remember to chech the COVID updates site on our intranet website for the most up-to-date information on bringing visitors, including family, into the USPTO buildings. (Office of Administrative Services | USPTO COVID-19 - go to the bottom of the page for visitor info.) Currently, if you need assistance in moving out of your office, you can bring in a person to help you during additional hours (as indicated on the website) than when regular visitors are permitted. Be aware that the buildings are not open 24/7 for bringing in visitors, including family. 


Public Service Loan Forgiveness:

The Temporary Expanded Public Service Loan Forgiveness (TEPSLF) allows limited, additional conditions under under which you may be eligible for loan forgiveness. 

More information is available here: Temporary Expanded Public Service Loan Forgiveness | Federal Student Aid


COVID Vaccines:

Admin time is still available for employees receiving a COVID vaccine or booster as well as recovery time.  Admin time is also available for taking family members to get COVID vaccines and boosters.  Management will be sending out a reminder broadcast email about this which will include under 5’s who the CDC has now approved for COVID vaccines.



The following agreements have been signed this past quarter:

  • Extension of Immunotherapy Pilot (until 9/30/2022)
  • Extension of COVID-19 Prioritized Examination Pilot (until 12/31/2022)
  • Climate Change Mitigation Pilot
  • Hague Implementation Agreement (for Design Examiners)
  • Settlement of Association Grievances regarding January 2022 power outages (and all employees have been compensated)


Issues in process:

  • PAPs for RQASs, OPET, Economists, CSD
  • Paycheck8 – replacement for WebTA
  • Attending town halls involving POPA employees
  • New UL deployment for all employees
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