Good (Morning/Afternoon) POPA Bargaining Unit,

 I wanted to update you on several items that POPA has been working on the last couple of months. 


Examination Time, CPC routing and Examiner PAP

Last Wednesday you should have received an email from Commissioner Drew Hirshfeld with an update on the timeline for implementation.  POPA thinks this new timeline is better for employees as it will allow time for IT development as well as more discussion on the implementation.  Please send feedback to management using the link in the email sent by Drew Hirshfeld.  You can send comments to POPA at <> .


Collective Bargaining Agreement

Starting next month POPA will begin negotiating the ground rules for the negotiation of a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  Negotiation of substantive proposals on working conditions for POPA-covered employees won't start until the ground rules are established.  We will keep you updated as the process proceeds.


Metro Shutdown (for Washington, D.C. area)

Last Friday the Agency sent a couple of emails to employees regarding the Metro shutdown this summer.  You will want to take a look at the agreement to see the actual telework flexibilities available to POPA bargaining unit members.  To take advantage of these flexibilities, you will need to talk to your supervisor.  You might want to then send an email to your supervisor summarizing what you agreed to as far as changes to your work schedule or telework.  If you think you have been unfairly denied flexibility, you can contact POPA at <> .  Please include your full name, AU, GS level, time at the office as well as what you requested and what you were granted and not granted.


Useful Links

The agreements covering the Metro shutdown.

Implementation discussions on Examination Time, CPC routing and Examiner PAP are available on


Thank you,

Kathy Duda

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