IT Security Training

Just a reminder that this training for 2024 needs to be completed by Friday, March 8, 2024.


PIV badge update

TEAP employees have been receiving emails requesting employees to log into the GSA system and get appointments to receive a new PIV badge.  These emails are being sent in waves. 

  1. Please do not schedule an appointment until you receive a personally directed email. You need to be sponsored into the new system.  Without being sponsored, you will not be able to get a badge if you visit one of the locations, even if you were able to get an appointment.  That wasted trip will not be compensated by the USPTO. 
  2. Once you receive the email to get your badge, follow the steps and make an appointment as soon as possible on the GSA system at the closest location.  You may need to make 2 trips to complete the badging process.  If there are no appointments available at the closest location before the deadline, discuss this with your supervisor.  You can be given an extension to get your badge if that occurs.  They should be able to advise you if you should take a later appointment at the closest location or look for another location.  The most important thing is that you start the process once you receive the email and don’t wait.  Appointments fill fast.  You will not be given an extension if you don’t start the process until the deadline.


Hoteling Floor

The 3rd floor of Jefferson is now the location for hoteling offices at the Alexandria Headquarters.  Employees should use RoomRez to reserve a room so that the need for hoteling offices can be monitored.  Those participating in 50 mile radius of Alexandria Headquarters agreements can use these offices when they need to work on campus.  Those on TEAP should request permission from their supervisor to work on the Alexandria Headquarters campus.


CBA Updates

POPA will be holding 2 information sessions on the CBA negotiations on March 13, 2024, 3-4 pm and March 18. 2024, 3-4 pm.  If you are interested, please register using the links at the end of this email.  We ask that each POPA-covered employee only sign up for one session.  You should access the meeting on your own computer/device on non-duty hours.  There is no other time available for attending these sessions.  There is an attendance limit for each session.  If the limit is reached on these two sessions, we will add more sessions.  These sessions will not be recorded.


Special Pay Rate

POPA does not have an update other than that the special pay rate is at OPM for a final decision.


Gainsharing Award for Examiners

The gainsharing award pilot continues through this fiscal year.  At that point, management will evaluate the pilot and discuss with POPA.  If any examiners have any comments on the pilot, please send them to with the subject line of “Gainsharing Award”.



POPA is aware of multiple PE2E IT issues related to stability and functionalities of PE2E Search and OC.  We are working with the Commissioner of Patents, OITP and OCIO to develop procedures for stabilization of all the tools and a new general process for requesting non-production time.  POPA is concerned about adding on additional Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhancements to PE2E Search without a stable baseline and functioning features.  Detailed emails on IT issues can be sent to to help us identify issues and bring them to management’s attention so that they can be fixed and bargaining unit members can be fairly compensated.  POPA is also participating in an AI working group within the Labor Management forum to discuss what, and if AI should be implemented and the impact of AI  on our bargaining unit members.


Routing and Timing of Patent Applications

We continue to work on a solution for routing and timing of cases.  Focus sessions are being planned to gather additional information from the participants of the timing pilot.


Use the following links to register for the CBA Update sessions:


Wednesday, March 13, 3-4 pm , eastern time


Monday, March 18, 3-4 pm, eastern time

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