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Telework: Should I change from PTP20 with fob to PTP32?

Since changes to the telework law now require you to be telework ready, if you are on PTP20 with ERA fob, you may want to switch to PTP32.  PTP32 provides these additional telework flexibilities of: 12 more hours, better equipment (if you want it) and the opportunity to telework partial days.  And now that you have to be telework ready anyway, why not take advantage?  All you have to do is go here and request the change.  You might as well get the most out of PTP!

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Judge issues decision on lawsuit challenging Executive Orders

Early this morning, U.S. District Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson issued an order declaring those provisions of the three executive orders issued by the President that impact collective bargaining rights to be unlawful and enjoined their application. This includes the restrictions on the use and negotiation of official time, and other limits on what can be negotiated - such as the exclusion of awards and removals and performance ratings from the grievance procedures, and the prohibition on negotiating over permissive matters (which are still in agency discretion).  Here is the decision.

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