We understand that this pandemic has impacted our employees in many ways, including our employees' ability to care for their loved ones. I am happy to announce that we are extending the Excused Absence for Dependent Care Leave (EADC) through September 12, 2020 for USPTO employees who qualify for such leave.

In order to ensure that this leave remains available for as many employees for as long as possible, we are asking that those of you who need to use EADC leave do two things: (1) communicate with your supervisor regarding your eligibility for such leave using the form posted here, and (2) schedule or use any projected "use or lose" annual leave before the end of this year. You can also donate use or lose leave.

This new process takes effect August 16, 2020. The availability of EADC leave through September 12, 2020, is effective as soon as the form is submitted to OHR. 


- from Laura Peter

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