On April 9, 2020, I announced a new process to have a USPTO-provided monitor delivered directly to those teleworkers who did not have one.

Today, I'm pleased to announce the expansion of the monitor request process to include a second USPTO-provided monitor delivered directly to your approved alternate worksite. Shortly, you will receive an email from the Patent Telework Questions mailbox with instructions on how to request a second monitor. Please provide the requested information set forth in that email and send back to the Patent Telework Questions mailbox to get the process underway.

Please note that if you have not signed a telework agreement, you will not be able to participate in this deployment to receive a second monitor. To participate in this deployment, please visit the Patents Telework Enterprise System and select "Apply to Program"; for the Ad Hoc program, please visit the Learning Center and enter "USPTO Situational (Ad Hoc) Telework Program Work Agreement" in the search field.

Also note that the PE2E Search Phase One Deployment Memorandum of Understanding requires two external monitors as part of its eligibility criteria. For employees who volunteer for the PE2E-Search Phase One deployment, you may request the second monitor or opt out of receiving one and use your UL as a second monitor. For more information about PE2E-Search, please see the PE2E University or contact your TC Ambassador.

In addition, the following USPTO-provided equipment can be requested in the same manner as described above and will be deployed to those employees who do not currently possess them or require a replacement:

  • docking station;
  • keyboard;
  • mouse;
  • network cord; and/or
  • surge protector

The current equipment deployment efforts do not include SOHO routers, which are currently on back order. We anticipate SOHO routers to be available and ready for deployment in late September. 

- from Andrew Faile

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