EADC Leave

EADC Leave has been extended through September 12, 2020 (see Laura Peter's email dated 8/7/2020). POPA has received many questions about EADC. 

  1. To continue to take EADC you must complete the request form in her email. The form just needs to be submitted once for a request through 9/12/2020. Then continue to work with your supervisor as to the number of hours you intend to take each biweek.
  2. You must schedule all of your use or lose annual leave for leave year 2020 which ends 1/2/2021 before you will be allowed to use EADC leave. You do NOT have to use of your use or lose annual leave before being allowed to use EADC. This is to avoid forfeiting your use or lose annual leave. As of this time, a carryover of more than 240 hours of annual leave has not been approved nor is expected to be approved for USPTO employees. Use your leave or donate it instead of losing it.

The amount of EADC leave you can take is pro-rated if you are part time or using LWOP. 

POPA does not have any information on whether EADC leave will be available after 9/12/2020.

Maximum Telework

Maximum telework continues on until advised differently. When USPTO moves to Phase 2, those employees without a signed telework agreement of any type (including the ad hoc agreements which started in March 2020) will be required to return to the office. Employees without a signed telework agreement may sign a telework agreement if they do not wish to come back into the office starting in Phase 2. The USPTO has not announced when Phase 2 will begin.

Work Schedule Flexibilities

IFP work hours continue to be temporarily expanded to 4:30 am to 11:59 pm, Monday through Saturday. Office building hours are currently curtailed to less than the IFP work hours permission is required to enter any USPTO building (currently only USPTO buildings in Alexandria, Denver, and Dallas are open to employees with permission.)

Part Time Schedules

Employees with at least one year at the USPTO may request to work a part time schedule. Participation caps do not apply at this time. Benefits such as the cost of your health insurance and leave accrual are affected by working a part time schedule. Details can be found here.

The POPA Part Time Program can be found here.

Leave without Pay

Taking leave without pay may affect your benefits and within grade increases. Details can be found here.

Part Time versus LWOP

This chart provides information which might be useful in helping you to decide whether to go on a part time schedule or take LWOP.

Paid Parental Leave

Not related to the pandemic but OPM has finally put out guidance on paid parental leave. USPTO OHR is working on draft guidance for the USPTO.

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