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Nov. 13, 2017 thru Dec. 29, 2017

Last year, USPTO employees forfeited more than 12,000 hours of annual leave as a result of unused use-or-lose leave. The Voluntary Leave Bank is a program where USPTO employees may contribute their annual or restored annual leave to a pooled bank and draw upon it when a personal or family medical emergency arises.This is a great benefit for you in a time of need, or as a way you can help others by donating.


To become a member of the Voluntary Leave Bank Program all an employee must do is contribute one pay period worth of annual or restored annual leave accruals (4, 6, or 8 hours).  The amount is based on your annual leave accrual rate.  There is also an opportunity to take advantage of donating your “use or lose” annual leave so those hours are not forfeited for the 2017 leave year.  Use-or-Lose annual leave hours must be donated by Dec. 29.

The Voluntary Leave Bank Program (VLBP) is separate from the current Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP) and you can participate in both programs simultaneously, if eligible.  The Voluntary Leave Bank Program Open Season for leave year 2018 will end on Friday, Dec. 29, 2017 and the membership period will begin on Monday, Jan. 8, 2018.

To enroll, employees are required to take two (2) actions:

Once you are enrolled, the WebTA system will automatically deduct one pay period of annual or restored leave accruals.

Additional information can be obtained on the USPTO Intranet or by contacting the Compensation and Benefits Division at or 571-272-6209.



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