Show Compassion and Generosity through CFC


Each autumn, federal employees are asked to open their hearts and contribute to the CombinedFederal Campaign. The CFC has grown to become the nation’s leading workplace giving programsince its creation by President John F. Kennedy.


The CFC gives us the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of those in need. This year, for the first time, the Combined Federal Campaign allows you to donate your time in addition to making a pledge.  Volunteering your time in your local community is a new way to give, engage and provide support for charitable organizations of your choice through CFC.  Charities accepting donations of volunteer hours will display a hand symbol in the CFC catalog.


Many organizations dedicated to improving people’s lives need your support. This is especially true today.  Please open your heart and your wallet and help one or more among the many organizations that benefit your coworkers, community and nation.


POPA is proud to support the CFC and proud of the compassion that its bargaining unitmembers have exhibited in past years.  We hope you will show your generosity again this year.Thank you for your support of this federal government-wide effort and for making a difference inthe lives of those less fortunate.



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