Kathy Duda has sent out an email on 7/7/2020, subject "POPA update 7/7/2020", about the CAO survey on mandatory telework.

"Today you received from USPTO CAO a request to complete a survey on mandatory telework. POPA encourages you to complete the survey even though no time is being given. While the questions did not cover all of the issues involved in mandatory telework, we encourage you to add comments in the two comment boxes provided. Please comment on equipment you didn't receive which was available to others, such as SOHO routers, or equipment you would have liked to have had to do your job more efficiently such as phone or second monitor. Other areas you might want to comment on include additional hours you needed to work to get all of your work done, EADC, any concerns about coming back into the office due to health, child care, or other issues.

The comment space provided for in the survey may not be sufficient, if not you can send any additional comments you would like considered to popahelp@popa.org (please use only this email and put "survey comments" in the subject.) We will compile the comments and send them to management without attribution. Please send comments by next Tuesday, July 14, 2020."

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