This Thursday, June 25, we start the Phase 1 facility reopening for headquarters in Alexandria and the Randolph Square Building in Shirlington. Starting Thursday, June 25, those office facilities will be open for limited hours (from 7 am to 6 pm., Monday through Friday) to those employees who have obtained approval from their supervisor as described below. While we are moving to Phase 1 reopening status, we still strongly encouraging you to telework to the maximum extent possible.

To ensure a safe return to the office, please review the details set forth below and the policies, procedures, and requirements for accessing USPTO facilities during the Phase 1 reopening period here. Please also take a few minutes to watch the reopening video.

Employees requesting access to the Alexandria campus or Randolph Square must request approval from their supervisors via the link below. Employees should submit such a request by the close of business on Wednesday prior to each week in which access is desired to ensure that we comply with occupancy limits and other requirements. If you wish to access the facilities on June 25 or 26 (only), you must submit your request no later than midnight (12pm), Tuesday June 23. If your request is approved, you will receive a confirmation email. Please do not come to the office until you receive a confirmation email. 

Please request access here.

When you are in the office, you will be required to follow the agency's safety and health policies and all COVID-19 policies. They include the following:

  1. Checking in with the security guard at your building each day to confirm that are on the access list.
  2. Answering the questions in the Self-Certification Questionnaire (attached below).
  3. Wearing face coverings in common spaces. You are expected to bring your own face covering. Please see the agency's face covering policy for more information.
  4. Following social distancing guidelines, including the requirement to remain six feet apart at all times, to limit elevators to two people, to limit smaller offices to one person, and to conduct meetings virtually. Please see the agency's social distancing policy.
  5. Taking your ULs (laptops) and any peripheral devices home with you every day to enable you to telework in the event of an office closure. 

Please note, the buildings are still closed to the public. The cafeteria and gym remain closed. All TTAB and PTAB hearings and examiner interviews will continue to be held virtually. 

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