Phased Reopening of USPTO Buildings

  • This Thursday, June 25, 2020, the Alexandria USPTO buildings are scheduled to start Phase 1 reopening with very limited employee access to the buildings.
  • The office buildings housing the USPTO in Denver and Dallas have already started their Phase 1 reopening.

DO NOT try to enter the buildings without first requesting access to the buildings and then receiving permission. Without that permission, security will not allow you to enter the buildings.

Management will be sending more specific information to employees on how to request permission to work in the buildings or to enter the buildings for any reason such as picking up things from your office. A form must be completed to request access. Additional information will include: self-certification before entering the buildings, limited building hours and when masks must be worn (e.g. when entering the building and in public/common areas.)

Phase 1 allows a very limited number of employees into the buildings. This does not change current telework situations. The USPTO is still encouraging maximize telework. 

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