The Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program, which allows employees in public service positions to have the remaining balance of their student loans forgiven after 120 months of payments while employed by an eligible employer, has been temporarily expanded.  Until October 31, you have the opportunity to consolidate your federal student loans, including FFEL and Perkins loans, into a Direct consolidation loan, and have prior payments made under otherwise ineligible loans or repayment plans count towards loan forgiveness. Late payments, as well as payments for less than the full amount due, will also count. After October 31, such payments will no longer be credited towards forgiveness under PSLF.


For more information, see the Federal Student Aid Borrower fact sheet


Act now to receive credit for these payments. Visit the White House’s PSLF site and take the quiz to determine if you are eligible.


When you are ready to certify your employment with the USPTO, submit the employer certification form to Encrypt your  form before sending it, as it contains PII. Instructions are available here (internal link only).

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