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Are you paying dues to POPA or PTOS?

When a new employee joined the agency, they may have attended an information session and were handed a 'union dues-form' to sign. Once this form was processed, the dues-deductions appeared on their paystub as 'UNION/ASSOCIATION DUES.' Henceforth, $2 were subtracted from their biweekly paystub. Is this employee a POPA member? Unfortunately not. This employee had signed into PTOS (patent and trademark office society.) 

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Oral Warnings - An Explanation

If an employee fails to meet an acceptable performance in a Critical Element by the end of one fiscal quarter (for an examiner, this means achieving under 88% in Production or Docket Management (DM), or accruing a 9.99% error rate in Quality), then they may be placed on an Oral Warning

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