Pertinent Portions of The Jacksteit Award

Pertinent Portions of The Jacksteit Award:

1. The provisions of this agreement shall take precedence over all prior agreements and past practices while not negating any provisions in those prior agreements and past practices which are not inconsistent with this agreement. The parties hereby reaffirm Article 16 and the Ross award in Appendix B to the extent not inconsistent with this new agreement on space allocation. The consolidated facility will be a non-smoking facility, and the impact and implementation of this change will be negotiated beginning prior to the move.

2. Each professional will be provided with a private, wall-enclosed (full ceiling height) office of approximately 150 sq. ft. whenever possible. Approximately 150 square feet means no less than 145 sq. ft. of actual interior office space.

3. When it is not possible to provide 150 sq. ft. private offices to all unit members, then the PTO may double up employees in grades GS-12 and below in offices of approximately 150 sq. ft., but not employees at GS-13 and above, who will be guaranteed private offices of 150 sq. ft. each.

4. EXCEPTION. Notwithstanding the above provisions, bargaining unit members who are in occupations outside of the GS-122x series and who are part of an organizational unit housed on a floor of a building having a universal room size of 120 sq. ft. may be placed in private, wall enclosed (full ceiling height) offices of 120 sq. ft. and may not be doubled.

5. The joint use space delineated at SFO section G15 will be incorporated at the consolidated facility.