MOU on Time Routing PAP - January 24, 2019

MOU on Time Routing PAP - January 24, 2019

FAQs on ETA, Routing, PAP

Comparison of Proposals

The Agency was prepared in October to provide us with formal notice of its intent to implement changes to ETA, Routing and PAP.  Because these topics are management’s right to propose and implement, none of the management changes were substantively negotiable.  Even so, the Agency agreed to spend some weeks discussing their changes with us. 

Based upon those talks, the Agency agreed to modify the substance of their intended changes as part of a package that preserved our bargaining rights until after implementation for a period of up to three years.  While this permits the Agency to prepare for implementation, it not only locks in the improvements to the Agency changes listed below, but also allows POPA  to continue discussions on appropriate arrangements related to some reserved implementation topics and to bargain post implementation to ameliorate negative impacts once we have more information to rely onto defend our proposals.

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